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Our Passion

Android has always fascinated us. We are constantly researching and optimizing code on Android to make your phone smarter and cooler.

Hybrid is the way to go if you want simple features on multiple platforms at the same time. Easy to develop, deploy and maintain, but restricted on user experience.

We love the fluidic feel of iOS. Our apps are developed based on this simplicity giving utmost importance to great design.

Design is at heart of every web and mobile app we develop. This is one way we differentiate our apps from the millions of apps on the market.



Weagle is a mobile+web enterprise application to track, communicate, prioritize and manage tasks with employees on the field. As an organization, it will optimize the process of managing the remote workforce and help in increasing the productivity of field staff. Get in touch with us to know more about this product and how you can integrate this application into your organizations existing work flow.


Ever wanted to toggle your WiFi and Bluetooth based on specific day and time. Use Wiblu to do just that in the most simple and efficient way. Tasks like switching on your phone’s WiFi every morning when you enter your workplace at 10AM or switching off the Bluetooth when you step out of home at 8AM could be mundane. So why not automate it and let our app do the task for you. With Wiblu, you can now schedule your phone’s WiFi and Bluetooth to be switched on/off at a time of your choice. Wiblu comes with a very simple and easy-to-use interface. You can save your phone’s battery life and improve performance by keeping WiFi/Bluetooth on only when it is really essential.


TunesNow is a fun product that takes social music sharing to a whole new level by automatically tweeting the music you listen to on Play Music. You can also discover what others are listening to. Just open up the app and find all the music being shared from around the world in the Tunes Feed. What better way to discover amazing music.


An augmented reality application custom-made for the gem and jewellery industry. To know more about this product, please drop us a line.


We are a vibrant team of technocrats based at the HiLite Business Park in Calicut, Kerala, India.

Our focus is to empower the next generation enterprises with advanced mobile applications.

We are quick, flexible and focused clearly on a simple design-oriented approach.

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