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Internet Of Things (IoT) – The Future


A buzz word that has recently swept the entire technology world is the ‘Internet of Things’, fondly called ‘IoT’. With its wide range of applications and the way it has made its way to all kinds of innovations, one is left to ponder if IoT will change the world. Have you ever asked the same […]

Deep Linking in Mobile Apps

Deep Linking

Imagine a situation where you have an event booking app. There are five steps to be followed to enter your details and location along with the name of event and number of tickets,  before you can proceed to make a payment.  However,  on the browser you simply click on a button from a website where […]

Rise of AI and Chatbots

Rise of AI and Chatbots

Julie has just been charmed by a boy she has found online. A boy who not only listens to all her queries, but also responds to her in the most courteous manner. And Julie is just desperate to meet this wonderful guy. Does the storyline suggest a dating website to you? If yes, then pause […]