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Why you should develop a taxi-hailing app for your taxi business?

Taxi App

It is not the destination that matters, but the journey. What can be a greater joy than helping people reach their destination and also have a good time during the process? If you run a taxi business, then you would be experiencing this joy everyday. But what if we tell you its difficult to grow […]

Upcoming Features in Android O

Android O

A set of two concentric circles in different shades of yellow and orange has caught the entire tech savvy community in excitement. As the operating systems of mobile phones get smarter and more sophisticated, people are rapt in attention to guess the upcoming features in Android O. And as Google continues to tickle the suspense, […]

Do you need an app for your hotel business?


Your hotel must be running quite seamlessly with the receptionist welcoming guests, people checking in and housekeepers going about their daily errands. But have you ever thought that an addition to your business workforce can help your hotel business reach an altogether different level? You just need to hire another entity – a mobile app, […]

Deep Linking in Mobile Apps

Deep Linking

Imagine a situation where you have an event booking app. There are five steps to be followed to enter your details and location along with the name of event and number of tickets,  before you can proceed to make a payment.  However,  on the browser you simply click on a button from a website where […]

Moto 360 vs Apple Watch

Moto 360 vs Apple Watch

We believe the battle of the smart watches have just begun. This wearable is going to be a very interesting gadget that will revolutionize the way we interface with technology. Of the currently available models in the market, Moto 360 and Apple Watch seem to be making the most noise. These two models have been […]

Cortana arrives on Android

Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri and and Google Now has arrived on Android, iOS and Cyanogen powered devices. Cortana was launched along with Windows 10 and has been appreciated quite well by Windows users. The way it is in Google now, Cortana will show relevant information before user makes any requests like upcoming flight […]

Nexus 5X has arrived


Google has just introduced two new phones, along with a sleek new tablet and an all new Chromecast. The Nexus 5X is a successor to the hugely successful Nexus 5 from LG. The new version will sport a Snapdragon 808 processor, 1080p display protected by Gorilla Glass 3, a 12-megapixel camera with support for 4k […]