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Internet Of Things (IoT) – The Future


A buzz word that has recently swept the entire technology world is the ‘Internet of Things’, fondly called ‘IoT’. With its wide range of applications and the way it has made its way to all kinds of innovations, one is left to ponder if IoT will change the world. Have you ever asked the same […]

What to expect in iPhone 8!

iPhone 8

Type “smartphone” on Google, and you will find a deluge of images flooding the search results. There are brands promising high resolution, enhanced features, better camera and increased battery life. And then there is iPhone – a league in itself, that has always been symbolic of high quality. And with iPhone rolling out marvelous pieces […]

Upcoming Features in Android O

Android O

A set of two concentric circles in different shades of yellow and orange has caught the entire tech savvy community in excitement. As the operating systems of mobile phones get smarter and more sophisticated, people are rapt in attention to guess the upcoming features in Android O. And as Google continues to tickle the suspense, […]