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What is Wannacry Ransomware and how to avoid it?

Wannacry Ransomware

The days of kidnapping people for ransom are gone. The cyber world has got so sophisticated that hackers are using software programs to lay a siege on the computers worldwide and disrupting the operations of numerous companies, leading to kidnap of the very ethos of ethical conduct of business and functioning of economy. Reeling under […]

Which Fitbit should I buy?

Fitness trackers is all the rage now. Fitbit, the pioneers in fitness trackers have been constantly innovating and bringing out various versions of fitness trackers of late. The variety is really great, but now people are spoilt for choice that they really don’t know which one to go for. Most of the variants have the basic […]

Mailbox is shutting down!

Its really sad to see our all time favourite app Mailbox shutting down. The simplicity of the app captured our interest from the very first day it was launched. In spite of many other apps coming up with replicated features, none was able to match the beauty and effectiveness of Mailbox. This app actually did simplify […]