Fintech is changing your life for good


The way Fintech is growing across the globe, it is very certain that our lives will remain irreversibly transformed forever. This is how it’s happening. The rise of digital wallets We will soon say adios to our credit cards, debit cards and even hard cash. With the entire world living on cloud, payments no longer need […]

Deep Linking in Mobile Apps

Deep Linking

Imagine a situation where you have an event booking app. There are five steps to be followed to enter your details and location along with the name of event and number of tickets,  before you can proceed to make a payment.  However,  on the browser you simply click on a button from a website where […]

How NFC is going to change the world

Have you ever watched Jean Grey-Summers in X-Men series controlling the world around her with just a flick of her fingers or sway of her palm? Have you ever wished that you had possessed power of telekinesis and could have influenced the world around you through a few movements at your will? If the answer […]

Rise of AI and Chatbots

Rise of AI and Chatbots

Julie has just been charmed by a boy she has found online. A boy who not only listens to all her queries, but also responds to her in the most courteous manner. And Julie is just desperate to meet this wonderful guy. Does the storyline suggest a dating website to you? If yes, then pause […]

Moto 360 vs Apple Watch

Moto 360 vs Apple Watch

We believe the battle of the smart watches have just begun. This wearable is going to be a very interesting gadget that will revolutionize the way we interface with technology. Of the currently available models in the market, Moto 360 and Apple Watch seem to be making the most noise. These two models have been […]

iPhone 7 Rumors & Expected Features

With the first iPhone rolling out in 2007, every year has seen a new model. In 2008 came iPhone 3G and 2009 saw iPhone 3GS. If Apple sticks to this pattern, the next generation iPhone can be expected in late 2016. As soon as iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were released in 2015, iPhone 7 rumors […]

Which Fitbit should I buy?

Fitness trackers is all the rage now. Fitbit, the pioneers in fitness trackers have been constantly innovating and bringing out various versions of fitness trackers of late. The variety is really great, but now people are spoilt for choice that they really don’t know which one to go for. Most of the variants have the basic […]

Cortana arrives on Android

Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri and and Google Now has arrived on Android, iOS and Cyanogen powered devices. Cortana was launched along with Windows 10 and has been appreciated quite well by Windows users. The way it is in Google now, Cortana will show relevant information before user makes any requests like upcoming flight […]

Mailbox is shutting down!

Its really sad to see our all time favourite app Mailbox shutting down. The simplicity of the app captured our interest from the very first day it was launched. In spite of many other apps coming up with replicated features, none was able to match the beauty and effectiveness of Mailbox. This app actually did simplify […]

Apple iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6s

Apple has just released the latest version of its flagship device – The iPhone 6S. If you are thinking of an upgrade, here are a few quick pointers to the major differences between the 2 models – iPhone 6 and 6S. Design In terms of design, both the models are identical. There’s not much of […]